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Welcomen to Hongqiao Team!

Hongqiao team under the Star Island Group real estate division,with a national HDB qualification. We are a housing intermediary trade union members.

  • Good living conditions are the source of all our happy lives.
  • Our team was established in 1997, from 1997 to 2015, our work performance in the real estate department has been the top three. Whether we are buying, selling and renting, for every business, from visiting real estate developers to the sample room, the selection of loan banks to delivery keys, we are carefully prepared to maximize the interests of the client.。
  • Help find your best housing, live and work, is our common goal.

Show house open

The model house is open for public inspection and booking (with regulations)

The latest sale of units

The latest rental units


Our Team:

Customer Reviews

Ton Lihua

Happy guest tenants

“Thank you Hongqiao Team! I am a newspaper reporter,My work needs to change places,And sometimes in a place to live a year, sometimes only live 2 weeks,So to find a rental is a regular to face and solve the problem. Very lucky,Hongqiao Team every time to help me,Find my favorite places and rooms,Lease and fully able to meet. “

Wang JIn

Happy owners

“I buy and sell real estate for investment and make money,So I must grasp the most accurate and fastest information.Hongqiao is my most trusted partner,They gave me a lot of information and advice. They are the best staff. Such as the Garan River,They helped me buy a property,After three years to sell,Let me get a 30% earned .”



“Look at the most important thing is to see what the property?The first is the position, the second is the position, the third or the position. In what position to determine how much value. Yes, buy, sell and rent, most people will operate all the procedures,We Hongqiao team to do is to use professional eyes for our client to see all the problems. “



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